Ginger Carrot Squash


ginger-carrot-squash_infoCarrot Ginger Squash

Another best seller, this delicious trio makes a perfect blend that is both creamy smooth and curiously sweet (with a hint of spice) Sensational!

Ingredients: Vegetable Stock, Carrot,  Squash, Milk, Onion, Orange Juice,  Honey, Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Garlic, Ginger, Mustard Seed, Herbs & Spices. *Gluten Free, *Vegetarian 




All of our products are made with fresh, real ingredients, hand prepared by Chef and Owner Tom Slowiak. We take pride in knowing that you will recognize everything on the ingredient list. We have a variety of vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, lower sodium, and lower calorie soups. ALL of our soups are Gluten Free!

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